A peachy sponsorship

The Foundation recently acquired sponsorship from Personnel Employed at Alcoa Charity Help (PEACH) for new laptops and monitors.

At the height of the pandemic, when having to work from home during lockdowns, our Foundation has struggled due to the lack of laptops available for the staff. With this sponsorship by PEACH, we are now able to purchase laptops for our team members to ensure we do not face this setback again.

Having new laptops will also give our team the ability to be mobile and work with our childhood cancer community in regional spaces. This will offer opportunities for our team to go out to schools and have access to our informational resources at the tip of their fingers.

We are particularly excited about what this funding means for events such as our beloved South West Bike Trek, which PEACH has been supporting for many years. With laptops on hand, our team can do more work from the event as the riders travel through the South West region.

We thank PEACH for their continued support of the Foundation. Founded in 1979, PEACH was inspired by a small group of enthusiastic Pinjarra refinery employees keen to help those in need in their local community. There are now nearly 1,000 people contributing each month, helping to fund so many worth causes.


Thank you, PEACH!

We are so thrilled to have Personnel Employed at Alcoa Charity Help (PEACH) support our annual South West Bike Trek by covering the cost of $2050.50 worth of equipment needed at the event.

PEACH is a trust fund which is administered and funded by Western Australian Alcoa employees, with nearly 1,000 people contributing each month. Since PEACH began in 1979, several millions of dollars have been distributed to so many worthy causes.

With the support of PEACH, we have been able to secure 3 two-way radios that will assist with communication, to ensure the safety of the riders during each day’s riding. These will replace the current radios that are ineffective and unreliable.

We have also been able to purchase a strobe light to increase the visibility of the event to all other road users. To raise awareness of the event and the Foundation, we have also put the funds towards purchasing banners and a car magnet.

We are so grateful for the generous support of PEACH. We are confident that the purchase of this equipment will lead to very positive outcomes for our 2020 South West Bike Trek. Not only will it help increase the safety of all riders and event personnel, but it will also help us highlight the Foundation and our work.

This year’s South West Bike Trek will take place from October 11 – 17. If you are interested in joining the South West Bike Trek this year, you can contact Event organiser Eric Maddock on 0433 905 703 or via email.


Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor of Keep the Flame Alive and Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF), or do you know anyone who might be? If so, you can now read our Keep the Flame Alive Sponsorship Document online!

Our corporate sponsors and supporters not only provide vital funds for research, but support CLCRF in many other ways such as helping with our brand awareness and annual events such as this one, Keep the Flame Alive. Their support allows CLCRF to concentrate on what we do best, funding the very best children’s cancer research in Australia.

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