Harper Goes Gold for CLCRF

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a special little girl has decided to Go Gold for CLCRF by making and selling bracelets at her school.

6-year-old Harper was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in January 2016 when she was just 2 and half years old. Harper has now been in remission for just over a year and is doing her bit to help other little warriors fighting the horrible disease.

On Friday 6 September, Harper sold her bracelets at a market set up at her school and had tremendous success! Her $2 bracelets sold out within half an hour and she was able to raise an incredible $290 for the Foundation.

“She has from the get-go put 100% into making these bracelets and her school, Star of the Sea Rockingham, have gone above and beyond to support her,” said Harper’s mum Kris.

Harper gave the bracelets a special personal touch by naming each of them after a child from the 3B/1A ward at Perth Children’s Hospital. Each bracelet had a name, diagnosis and age attached to it, offering a great talking point at the school market.

The decision to raise funds for CLCRF through the bracelets stemmed from an overwhelming desire to share the kindness and support that Harper has received throughout her life.

“People around us have always been so generous and supportive with their time and money when it comes to Harper,” said Kris. Most recently at a work gala dinner, a silent-auction bidder kindly gave Harper a gold pearl they won after hearing how much she loved it. “She was so happy she cried and we knew we had to pay it forward.”

“With September coming up, I suggested CLCRF as it has been a charity we support and look up to. It was also a good way to talk to Harper about her diagnosis as she had limited knowledge due to her age.”

We would like to thank Harper and her family for choosing to Go Gold for CLCRF and raising money for childhood cancer research. We are so proud and grateful for Harper’s amazing efforts!

Are you doing something special to Go Gold in September? We would love to hear about it!  



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Go Gold with a Tote Bag!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time where we are encouraged to “Go Gold” to put the spotlight on childhood cancer and the need to improve diagnosis, treatment and outcomes. There are so many ways to Gold in September, from wearing a gold awareness ribbon, to entering our photo competition. Foundation supporter Donna Field has gone gold in the best way she knows how – by getting crafty!

Donna runs her own small business, Field and Feather, specialising in eco-friendly, reusable bags. For the month of September, Donna has hand painted a limited-edition Gold Feather Tote Bag with a donation from the sales being made to childhood cancer research at CLCRF.

Donna and her family became avid supporters of CLCRF after her son Jackson was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in October 2013. The Field family spent 3 years in and out of hospital while Jackson endured intensive chemotherapy.

“I decided to hand paint my limited-edition Gold Feather Tote Bag as a way to raise childhood cancer awareness, fundraise for CLCRF and continue my own healing journey following Jackson’s diagnosis,” said Donna.

Jackson has now been cancer free for 2 years and is enjoying life to the fullest. Donna aims to continue advocating for children with cancer and hopes to help create a better world for all children.

The beautifully crafted tote bags are not only a great way to support childhood cancer awareness, but they are also beneficial for the environment. These eco-bags are reusable and made from natural and certified organic cotton – making them the perfect replacement for single-use plastic.

Buy purchasing one of these limited-edition bags, you can feel good about your purchase knowing you are helping to make a difference in more ways than one. The bags are $25, with a gold coin donation from each sale going towards the Foundation. Australia wide shipping is available for a flat rate of $8.

The limited-edition Gold Feather Tote Bags can be purchased in one of the following ways:

We would like to thank Donna for supporting CLCRF and for helping to raise awareness for childhood cancer in such a wonderful and creative way. If you have also created a way for people to Go Gold in September, we would love to hear about it!