CLCRF Joins the PayPal Giving Fund

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the PayPal Giving Fund, allowing our supporters to easily make donations through Facebook. The PayPal Giving Fund also gives our supporters the ability to use Facebook to set up their own fundraisers in support of CLCRF or any other charity of their choice.

This new service allows for secure online donations and there are no fees for organisations or individual donors, meaning 100% of the funds are distributed directly to the intended charity or not-for-profit organisation.

Innovations like this are important to help not-for-profit organisations survive in our increasingly cashless and mobile society.

“The way Australians are supporting their chosen charities is changing.” Says Elaine Herlihy, Director of the PayPal Giving Fund in Australia. “Charities in Australia need to embrace the opportunity that digital and online donations present.”

CLCRF supports PayPal and Facebook’s commitment to enable greater charitable giving and we are happy to be able to give our supporters an easily-accessible and uncomplicated way to fundraise.

If you would like to use the PayPal Giving Fund to raise funds for important research into childhood cancers, it’s very easy to do so. Simply click on the “create” button on the top of your Facebook page, then select the “Fundraiser” option. When asked what charity to donate to, simply search “Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation” and you will see our account!

“I’m there for you” – 9-year-old Ruben shaves his head to support his friend with Leukaemia

Ruben, from NSW, learnt that his friend was being bullied for having no hair – caused by her leukaemia treatment.

Devastated by what was going on, Ruben offered his support in one of the most heart-warming ways possible – to don the clippers and shave his own head! This was a big step for Ruben who previously avoided haircuts and was proud of his long, curly cut.

The shave took place a few weeks before Christmas and Ruben sent the photos and videos to his friend in a show of support.

Ruben’s dad, Paul, worked as an Oncology nurse and in the palliative care sector – and has raised his son to show compassion to those who are struggling with their health. Paul said that’s not the only reason Ruben decided to shave off his hair.

“Ruben decided to shave his hair in mid-December and really wanted to do it for Christmas,” said Paul.

“Christmas is a hard time for families that are suffering from cancer with all the hospital visits so he wanted to show his support during those hard times.”

Ruben was also inspired by Bolt –  his Golden Retriever crossed with a Labrador – who recovered from his own battle with cancer after surgery was performed to remove a tumour on his left side.

“I’m doing this to support all people with leukaemia. I’m going to shave my hair and wait until my hair grows back to support them and feel what it’s like,” said Ruben.

“I’ve heard (leukaemia) is terrible and I want to support them. I’m sorry if you have it.”

CLCRF would like to thank Ruben and his dad Paul for supporting children battling leukaemia.

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